Visiting Ans and Georg Fromm from MS Waddenzee

A boat trip with an authentic ferry from 1920 and at the same time learn something about the history of Flevoland.

Today I am visiting Ans and Georg Fromm, owners of the MS Waddenzee .

Ans and Georg completely refurbished the boat last year and adapted it to the current requirements and standards. Where the ship was used as a ferry between Holwerd and Ameland from 1920 to 1960, it is now used for sailing trips. For example to the Marker Wadden and Werkeiland. In the past it could take 320 passengers and 7 cars, now it can take 125 passengers on board. I.v.m. corona measures currently allow a maximum of 75 passengers on board.

I am waiting in line at the Batavialand jetty in the Bataviakwartier, right next to the VOC Ship de Batavia . Ans welcomes all passengers and tells briefly about the ship, the maximum number of passengers, how many passengers there are today and where you can all be on the ship.

Every passenger receives a nice authentic boarding pass and a consumption card on which the consumed drinks are written. You can also book catering in advance, such as a Polder lunch and Zalm uit de Polder.

We all walk past the VOC Ship de Batavia and on the left is the MS Waddenzee where we board the ship. Once on board you have to wait for the engines to start.

Ans takes the floor and welcomes everyone. With a wireless microphone in her hand and the sound from large speakers, her voice can be heard loud and clear despite the sound of the ship’s engines. Although I must say that the sound of the engines was not that bad, partly depending on where I was on the ship.

With a map in her hand, she starts with an introduction to the history of Flevoland . She is very enthusiastic, friendly and tells a thing or two about the reclamation of the Zuiderzee in 1918 with the Zuiderzee Act at a good pace.

She points us to the luggage hold below deck where various vintage suitcases can be seen, each with their own story. It is a kind of mini museum.

We arrive at the Noordersluis, next to the Wortman pumping station. We enter the lock and the gates behind us close. Then we slowly start to sink to 6 meters below sea level . You then look up where the Markermeer is 6 meters above you. It remains a strange sensation.

Catering begins and passengers can go to the bar below deck to get something and Ans brings some drinks and snacks here and there. The children have also been thought of. They get lemonade with a nice bag of chips . I also see trays with grapes passing by. Enjoy yourself on board.

The cruise continues and we sail through the canals of Noordersluis and return a little further to moor at the Werkeiland of Lelystad. It all started here. We get off and follow Ans, who first lets us peek inside the Gemaal where you see large diesel engines. These engines are still used to correct the level of the canals. Then we walk to the former work island.

The work island of Lelystad, Plot P, located exactly in the middle of the IJsselmeer, was constructed with the intention of making it as short as possible to an island.

Intended as a construction site for one of the three pumping stations for the Eastern Flevoland polder to be constructed in the 1950s. A close-knit society developed in the relatively short period of its existence.

We walk past the characteristic houses of the Werkeiland. The bricks are laid in a special way. Ans says that the reason for this was that the least number of bricks were used in this way. At the time, the work island was an island as the name says and the bricks were brought in from Harderwijk by ship. The fewer stones were needed, the better, of course.

We walk along the dukdalf, the first pile that was driven into the Zuiderzee. Eastern and southern Flevoland originated here. Very special to see. Further on we pass hotel de Lange Jammer, which is named after the street where people are said to have lived “moaning”. And a little further we see the “hospital” where children were also taught.

Then it is time to walk back to the ship. We board the ship and enter the locks again, this time to go up 6 meters and sail up the Markeermeer towards the starting point where the voyage had started.

It is a 3-hour cruise including a 45-minute guided tour on the Werkeiland. A special experience for young and old and even for people from Lelystad. A fun day out that you can combine with a visit to Bataviastad Fashion Outlet and / or the Batavialand Museum. To make a reservation you can go to the website of MS Waddenzee . There you will find the various trips, the rates and dates on which they sail.

Before I get off I take a nice selfie with Ans and Georg. Time to go home.

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